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Creating Extraordinary Experiences 


With over 25 years of experience in the global art market, working alongside architects, real estate developers, interior designers, and major corporations, we have been able to create unique collections and installations that have had lasting relevance. We understand what it takes to actualize an ambitious project. Working in unison with all our partners on each project, we listen closely, ask questions, conduct site visits, and execute due diligence and research to understand your goals, budget, and timeline. Whatever the vision, our objective is to create unique and memorable experiences, making the process as simple as possible for the client.

Our process includes:

  • brand review and analysis

  • collection strategy and research

  • artist coordination and relationship management

  • acquisition

  • installation

Damien Hirst, Beautiful Artemis Thor Neptune Odin Delusional Sapphic Inspirational Hypnosis Painting (2007)

© Damien Hirst and Science Ltd.

Michele Quinn is a tremendous talent, hardworking, intuitive and gifted. She has a great sense of quality, value, and understanding of what art can deliver to the community and society at large. She also has her finger firmly on the pulse of the art world, with an intuitive ability to recognize a talented artist and the work he/she is creating.”


- LinkedIn reference

Perfection has to do with the end product, but excellence has to do with the process.

Contract Negotiation


MCQ has worked extensively with various corporate counsel to negotiate and design fine art contract agreements for the purpose of large-scale installations, commissions, and acquisitions.

Art Fabrication / Project Management

MCQ works effectively with the artist gallery and studio, acting as the client liaison in order to keep the artists and their fabricators on schedule to meet project deadlines.

Construction Management


Most all installation and commission projects require specialized trucking and installation crews.  MCQ acts as the lead in identifying and coordinating those teams, while determining the requirements of each unique property with regards to insurance, license requirements, permits, etc.

Frank Stella_FINAL.jpg

Frank Stella, Damascus Gate Variation I (1969)

© Frank Stella/Artists Rights Society (A.R.S.), New York

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