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Las Vegas Weekly

“The Haas Brothers Unleash a Fantasy-Steeped Menagerie in Downtown Las Vegas” Las Vegas Weekly, March 2022

"How to Best Decorate Your Home with Original Art - On a Budget" Las Vegas Weekly, November 2020


“Tim Bavington Takes a Meditative Route in His New MCQ Watercolor Show” Las Vegas Weekly, December 2017

“Graphic Artist Raymond Pettibon Illustrates Our Era, From Punk To Politics” LV Weekly, October 2017

“While Vegas Waits For Its Art Museum, How About Some Warehouse-sized Gallery Pop-ups?” Las Vegas Weekly, July 2017

“‘Tilting the Basin’ Unites the State’s Art Scenes in a Glorious Show of Strength” Las Vegas Weekly, March 2017

“‘Tilting the Basin’ will Tease the New Art Museum” Las Vegas Weekly, March 2017

“Creating an Art Museum Downtown Takes More Than a Building” Las Vegas Weekly, October 2016

“´CITY´ Artist Michael Heizer Reveals His Softer Side in MCQ Prints Show” Las Vegas Weekly, June 2016

“Ellsworth Kelly’s Masterful Abstraction Vibrates the Eyes and Mind” Las Vegas Weekly, May 2016

“Erik Beehn’s Masterful Flowerpot Manipulations at MCQ” Las Vegas Weekly, March 2016

“An Art Museum in Downtown Las Vegas is Closer to Becoming a Reality” Las Vegas Weekly

“Two Artists Converse in Paint, Ceramics and Midcentury Motifs at MCQ” Las Vegas Weekly

“Sculptor David Ryan Makes a Stirring Shift on Canvas at MCQ Fine Art” Las Vegas Weekly

“Swiss Artist Ugo Rondinone’s Ginormous Rock Totems In The Nevada Desert” Las Vegas Weekly

“Pushing Color to the Cusp of Recognition: Three Questions with David Ryan” Las Vegas Weekly, December 2014

“‘FROM WHERE I STAND‘ Opens a Window Into Erik Beehn‘s Elaborate Process” Las Vegas Weekly, November 2014

“Brent Sommerhauser’s Sculptural Drawings at MCQ” Las Vegas Weekly, October 2014

“Jean Giguet and the Art of Repurposing at MCQ Fine Art” Las Vegas Weekly, March 2014

“The Wonder of RC Wonderly’s ‘LINE’ at MCQ Fine Art” Las Vegas Weekly, November 2013

“‘ENDANGERED’ at MCQ Fine Art is a Haunting Exhibit” Las Vegas Weekly, September 2013

“Michele Quinn joins Las Vegas CAC” Las Vegas Weekly, March 2013

“Damien Hirst’s Spot Prints Coming to MCQ Fine Art” Las Vegas Weekly, January 2013

“Local art handlers show off their own work” Las Vegas Weekly, July 2008

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